Cartoons and such: JOHN TRABBIC III

Storyboard Artist / Cartoonist

The original Walking Dead.

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A caricature for a friend :)



A really great designer from Monroe (hometown) wanted to exchange drawings of each other… so I present to you- BRAD!! Yay! He really is an awesome illustrator, owns his own graphic design shop, and used to work for Disney!! Big ups Brad, your the man!

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I was able to hit up a illustration finally because homework was pretty kind this week…lot’s and lot’s of reading… and “WHO” can just read all weekend? Well not this guy!! I need to draw a lil’ something to keep the pipes from getting rusty. I also wanna say thanks to the subscribers, followers, or what have you, as I have reached the 50 mark. Thats awesome, and so are you 50 people !!!  Thanks 🙂