Cartoons and such: JOHN TRABBIC III

Storyboard Artist / Cartoonist

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“Dragging Ass”



Now thats a severe case of dragging ass if’n I ever did see one!

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“Sir Samuel Sour Kraut Sausage Snout”



I found me new brush… then this dude happened!

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A new strange illo… too much cute going on!



I have been working on some kid friendly stuff and everything is cute… I had to get this outta my system… mmm slimy, droopy, drippy, and hairy, my favorite!!

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An update with an oldie, but goodie :)



School is proven itself as quite the challenge this semester. I haven’t posted any new work, because mostly I am animating stuff I have already posted…. Last week of finals and I will be back on the illustration a day kick… My new focus is “PROP DESIGN”…

I have a lot of cool things happening that cannot be spoken about… such a cool field to get into… animation that is. I am blessed.

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Derpy the Bird model sheet…

This here is a character design for my final project in animation 2. Its a cool little story of a bird just trying to peck some seeds. It’ll be traditionally animated, sound synced, with some dope backgrounds… I may finish it in flash… if my poor aching hands will allow me to do so.

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A series of strange character designs… :)


I am doing a series of these strange illustrations… Hand sketched, inked with a Pocket brush pen… My inspiration is old MAD magazine illustrators…. their stuff is soooooo good and worthy of a gander… Big ups to Harvey Kurtzman, Sergio Aragones , R. Crumb….. and sooo many more- Thanks for the inspiration!