Cartoons and such: JOHN TRABBIC III

Storyboard Artist / Cartoonist


Hi, I’m John. I like cheeseburgers, coffee, and cartoons. I’m presently a storyboard director at Nickelodeon on Spongebob Square Pants! I LOVE whacky-stretchy-squashy cartoons, pushed expressions, and bouncy posing! I am so grateful to be working in the animation industry, literally living the dream!!! If you wanna say “what up”, please do!







4 thoughts on “ABOUT/ CONTACT!!!

  1. You got good solid work! I like it!

  2. Hey John. Saw this Kenny drawing you did a while ago. Mind if I put it on a shrt?

  3. Hey, Mr. Trabbic! Not to be forward or anything, but I just thought you’d be stoked to know that I’m about to do a presentation about your work for one of my college classes! I’m a big fan!

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