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The cold hard truth…

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So… My first week back to school and already I have more homework than I am comfortable verbalizing. This morning I realized that I won’t have much free time at all, and unfortunately can’t post my daily doodles until winter break… I am sad, because it’s sooooo fun and I feel I am getting better daily as an illustrator. For today’s “Bad news,” I sketched out myself popping a zit, cause that hurts… much like saying, I cannot continue my routine. However, with this bad news comes good news!!! I am in art school and have some pretty sweet projects ahead of me. I will totally share them and am looking forward to learning new things!!! Random school stuff will be posted. So for now, Dictionary Doodles is going on a vacation… but will return soon.  Word.


Author: John Trabbic III

Cartoonist/ Storyboard Artist/Cheeseburger Lover

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