Cartoons and such: JOHN TRABBIC III

Storyboard Artist / Cartoonist

early morning illustrations!! Daily Doodles”E”

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  Ok, by now, fellow followers, you may notice a pattern of illustrations with some dandy Alphabet practice… well that is exactly what it is. My big fat plan is to compile a book…comic…MOOK of sorts with all these here illustrations and perhaps sell them at local comic shops… online… you know a self publishing illustrator type thing, to help me pay for school. So when all is said and done, all 26 letters, and possibly the numbers one through ten, the Bounded Glorious Thing will be available, and you should pick one up!!  Also, I shall come up with a numbered blog posting also, cause its getting confusing. Ok hope today is a doosey! Word. John

Author: John Trabbic III

Cartoonist/ Storyboard Artist/Cheeseburger Lover

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