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Storyboard Artist / Cartoonist

“I am Brian Broccoli and I am super strong!”

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The show I have been working on for Super Sprowtz switched from 3D animation to 2D… this is the design I created when Brian Broccoli “Sprowt’s out” from a puppet, to a super awesome animated powerhouse!!! I’m totally pumped to have such a hand in the production of this, its really fun and promotes a great message to kids, inspiring them to eat healthier, with the help from super hero vegetables- THE SUPER SPROWTZ!!! If you don’t know who or what they are, please give us a peek at  

The show will air before Sesame Street on NYTV25 very soon, and hopefully will take off after that!!!


Author: John Trabbic III

Cartoonist/ Storyboard Artist/Cheeseburger Lover

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