Cartoons and such: JOHN TRABBIC III

Storyboard Artist / Cartoonist

4 thoughts on “ILLUSTRATIONS!!!

  1. This work is incredible! Your comics look better than half of the comics I have seen in a while!

  2. always loved you and your dads work and always will!

  3. I sent your web site on to our daughters- Kim and Cheri. Hope you don’t mind. I know they will find it very interesting and in particular Cheri will be able to show your comic art to her children: Trey 9 and Ariel 5.

    Kim has responded and is eager to see it but is having some kind of a problem opening it.
    I just told her how I do it and hope it works for her. By the way, she is a minister at a Lutheran church in New Jersey. Her husband died of heart desease in 2001 and has stayed single.

    Uncle Jerry

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